Malaysia-based energy company Wah Seong has outlined plans to launch nearly 20-30 bio-mass plants across Asean, Africa and Latin America.

The move by the company is a part of its plan to expand its renewable energy portfolio with the addition of a network of biomass generated power plants, reported StarBiz.

The first plants of the proposal are expected to be launched in Cambodia and Congo.

The news agency quoted Wah Seong chief executive Chan Cheu Leong as remarking that the company is keen on launching a network of biomass plants in next five to ten years.

"Usually, the cost to build a plant is about US$1.2mil-US$1.5mil per MW," added Chan.

It is likely to build a plant of 3MW-5MW capacity in Congo alongside a plant under 10MW capacity in Cambodia.

Wah Seong, however, added that it has not yet finalized its plans.

Meanwhile, the company is also planning to develop a plantation of up to 80,000ha of oil palms in Congo over the next 15 years.

Besides, it is also looking to explore Indonesian market, saying that the country is a huge market and has significant land.

"We want to be global players in these two industries," concluded Chan.