WAC Lighting, a manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, undercabinet, monorail and decorative lighting, has launched an Organic LED chandelier, SOL, for the luxury market, featuring Orbeos OLED Lighting from Osram Opto Semiconductors.

SOL is a new decorative chandelier utilizing white OSRAM’s Organic LED panels, a nanotechnology light source.

The company claimed that the SOL chandelier is inherently sustainable; designed around energy efficient and environmental friendly technology, and individually crafted in WAC Lighting’s zero-landfill factory.

Soft light from the ORBEOS panels is incorporated into the design and requires no additional light control from lenses or reflectors that traditionally result in a 10%-40% loss in efficiency.

ORBEOS light panels achieve energy efficiency without the use of heavy metals or other rare earth materials common among other energy efficient sources currently available, according to the company.

Rather, Organic LEDs are made of layers of carbon-based materials that self-illuminate in various colors when energized, without impacting the environment.

With its symbiosis of energy saving and emitting technology, Organic LEDs will transform lighting provides a platform for architects, lighting planners and designers, the company added.

Shelley Wang, president of WAC Lighting, said: “The concept fixtures we exhibited last year were created primarily to inspire the design community about the possibilities of the new OLED technology.

”SOL, our new decorative chandelier, is our first complete Organic LED fixture introduction. We believe that the inconceivably thin curved planes of the complete design, and the incorporated glare-free adjustable Organic LED panels, will capture considerable attention.”