W2 Energy has completed the fabrication and installation of a bio-diesel plant that it recently acquired and transported to its manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario.

The company is expecting the plant to produce about 650,000 gallons of bio-diesel every year generating about $3m in revenues.

W2 Energy has plans to expand the production capacity of the plant by up to 1.2m gallons per year and double its revenue generations.

W2 Energy president and CEO Mike McLaren said the timely completion of the bio-diesel plant was achieved to meet the company’s corporate deadline.

"We now fully expect the 3rd quarter to be our first quarter of revenue generating production," McLaren added.

The company is sending samples of the bio-diesel produced at the facility to an independent laboratory in order to obtain its government ASTM spec certification. It will also be perform sample runs to prepare for the full production.

W2 Energy is also negotiating contract with buyers to sell its bio-diesel fuel.

Canada based W2 Energy develops renewable energy technologies and applies it to new generation power systems.