Vystar Corp. (Vystar) has signed a distribution agreement with Centrotrade Minerals and Metals, Inc. (Centrotrade) and Centrotrade Deutschland, GmbH (Centrotrade Deutschland). The agreement is to distribute the company’s Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) to the manufacturers. Vytex NRL is a specialty chemical that virtually eliminates allergy-causing proteins that is found in latex. It can be applied to 40,000 products that have latex.

Vystar is working with over 40 global manufacturers to conduct the trials where Vytex NRL is substituted for the traditional latex or synthetic alternatives in exam and surgical gloves, condoms, foams/bedding products, bandages, adhesives and coatings.

As a strategic partner, Centrotrade will market and sell Vytex NRL to the manufacturers worldwide using its enormous distribution network. Through its comprehensive product offering and wide market knowledge, Centrotrade focuses on the exceptional customer service and customizing various natural rubber and latex polymer options that fit the customers’ particular needs.

Bill Doyle, president and chief executive officer of Vystar Corp., said, “We are fortunate to be working with Centrotrade, the global leader in distributing latex to manufacturers of all sizes across a broad scope of industries. This strategic alliance will help us bring multiple versions of Vytex NRL to the worldwide markets, offering the superior benefits of natural rubber latex without the proteins that can lead to allergies in millions of people.”

Vystar anticipates the industry to introduce the first products having Vytex NRL this spring including condoms, exam gloves, and cold seal adhesives used in food packaging, with others to follow later in the year.

Centrotrade is excited to partner with the company like Vystar and add its new product, Vytex NRL, to Centrotrade’s product portfolio. The distributor will leverage its collective technical and the supply chain expertise to effectively market and transport the Vytex NRL to manufacturing plants around the world.