VTI Technologies (VTI), a provider of of low g MEMS sensors, has introduced a new, all digital, accelerometer sensor for automotive and industrial applications.

VTI says that its new SCA3060 targets non-safety critical automotive applications such as navigation support, burglar alarms and black boxes and for industrial applications in heavy machinery, agricultural equipment and general purpose sensing which need a low power and robust sensor.

The company said that the new sensor consumes low power (150µA, 3.3v supply), includes a ring buffer memory to free µC resources and motion detection functionality to allow µC sleep and thus leads additional power saving.

According to the company, the sensors feature insensitivity to shocks and vibrations and are temperature compensated over the whole operating range of -40 degree centigrade to +105 degree centigrade. The new sensor supports both SPI- (-D01) and I2C (-D02) all digital communication interfaces.

Dimensions for the DFL (Dual-Flat-Lead) package are 7.6 mm x 8.6 mm x 3.3 mm. Samples of the SCA3060-D01 and -D02 are available immediately with volume production in 2H 2010. Pricing for 10,000pcs volumes is EUR3.20 per piece.