VOLT Lighting, a manufacturer of high-performance lighting products, announced the release of the their FOREVER BULB, a new line of energy-saving LED light bulbs that challenge the booming LED retrofit market.

While retailers struggle to compete for LED sales, VOLT Lighting, a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributes its own products through the company website. This allows them to maintain control over quality from development to shipping. It also enables them to offer lower prices (without retail markups) and an unconditional lifetime warranty.

VOLT Lighting’s FOREVER BULB line of LED bulbs are engineered to be exact match replacements for all traditional incandescent light bulb styles. Other manufacturers offer limited selections (typically, the more popular styles).

The inclusion of all shapes and sizes ensures that consumers can retrofit all their lights while providing the same color consistency throughout the home. View the complete line of LED bulbs.

VOLT Lighting also takes the approach of matching the light output, warm color, and dimmability of traditional incandescent bulbs. To further ensure consumer acceptance, the products are all UL listed for safety.

Founded in 2008, VOLT Lighting is changing the lighting industry by leveraging the Internet to bypass traditional lighting distribution mark-ups and inefficiencies. These savings are put back into producing superior products and services. VOLT’s mission is to revolutionize the lighting industry through higher quality, better service, faster delivery, and lower prices.

Alan Brynjolfsson, VOLT® Lighting President, explains why consumers increasingly choose his company’s factory-direct e-commerce solution, "Consumers are tired of the deterioration of quality and service. At VOLT® we give them what they want — quality products at the lowest prices, shipped the same day and backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. We are open 7 days a week, 8am-8pm on weekdays, 10am-6pm on weekends, with the best service in the industry and a GREAT website. What’s not to like?"