Voith has announced it is to modernize four motor-generators at the Vianden pumped storage plant in Luxembourg.

The project will include the design, construction, delivery and installation of four rotors for the motor-generators of the horizontal pumped-storage units, to ensure the plant continues to operate in a safe and stable manner. Voith is to employ a new hammerhead groove construction on the project instead of the previously used comb pole design. This way, the poles are more easily exchanged and inspection measures are more easily carried out.

Vianden is located on the border between Luxemburg and Germany and feeds directly into the German power network . The plant is owned by Societé Electrique de l’Our S.A. and is marketed and used by RWE Generation.

The plant was first set into operation in 1964. After expansions in 1976 and 2014, with its current total of eleven machine units, the plant has a generator capacity of 1495MVA and a turbine capacity of 1290MW. Total installed pump capacity is 1045MW.