Under the agreement, Vista will have an exclusive license to use Emerald Energy’s patented MegaFlora tree in biomass-to-energy projects in the Western Hemisphere.

According to Vista, MegaFlora trees are ideal for biomass-to-energy projects due to their hardiness, high density wood and rapid growth characteristics.

The trees have no invasive characteristics, use very little water, and can be harvested for biomass in just three years, against ten or more for most other hardwood feedstocks.

Thomas Pfisterer, CEO of Vista, said: “The fast growth and high density characteristics of the MegaFlora tree will allow for greater production from less acreage, greatly increasing the profitability of closed-loop biomass-to-energy facilities.”

Ray Allen, CEO of Emerald Energy, said: “We have looked at a number of efficient conversion technologies in recent years, and have found Vista and the Thermal Gasifier to be a superior option for conversion of the biomass feedstock generated by our trees.”