Virage Logic Corporation (Virage Logic) has been selected by ViXS Systems, Inc. (ViXS) to provide its Intelli DDR2/3-1600 for ViXS' video processing solutions. ViXS will expand its use of Virage Logic embedded memory IP to incorporate Virage Logic's high-performance DDR memory interface solution, supporting speeds up to 1.6 gigabits-per-second (Gb/s) for its high-end XCode video and networking products.

Virage Logic’s Intelli DDR2/3 1.6 Gb/s solution allows high performance sub-systems to attain faster time-to-market, higher data throughput efficiency, lower system costs and less power usage. Consisting of a highly efficient DRAM memory controller, all-digital PHY/DLL, and the high-performance I/O, the new Intelli DDR2/3 1.6 Gb/s is perfectly suited to manage high-speed interconnect effects at the package and the board level.

Virage Logic’s advanced DDR architecture allows higher data throughput efficiency than previously available architectures which enabled our system to achieve its maximum performance, stated Hugh Chow, executive vice president and chief operating officer of ViXS. We have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Virage Logic that has enabled us to proceed with confidence to the advanced process nodes. The Intelli DDR2/3 1.6 Gb/s memory interface IP solution is a natural fit for our high-end video and networking applications, as it provides signal integrity awareness while meeting the stringent performance, power, and area requirements of our designs.

ViXS’ XCode video processors are being utilized to manage, secure, and protect the broadcast-quality video in a broad range of consumer electronics, Set-Top and DTV applications, enabling consumers to easily capture, process and distribute broadcast-quality video throughout the home and on the go. The ViXS’ XCode 3000 series is the advanced MPEG4 AVC (MPEG4 Part 10/H.264) Transcoder/Encoder/Decoder System-on-a-Chip (SoC). The XCode series is shipped in a broad variety of products, incorporating Set-Top-Boxes, Blu-Ray Disc Recorders, personal video recorders (PVR), Multimedia PCs and the PVR DTVs.

Intelli DDR’s new architecture and system intelligence help manage variables inherent in system designs, easing implementation and optimizing the integration with existing board and package designs. The Intelli DDR solution, with its standard cell-based architecture and all-digital implementation, works seamlessly with standard digital SoC design flows, offering easy portability to any process node for any foundry.

Virage Logic built its reputation as the industry’s trusted IP partner by providing highly differentiated IP that addresses the needs of high-performance markets, stated Kamalesh Ruparel, vice president and general manager of Virage Logic’s Application Specific IP (ASIP) business. We are very pleased to expand our partnership with ViXS Systems to provide them with a complete DDR2/3 1.6 Gb/s memory interface IP solution to meet their high-performance product requirements.

Virage Logic Corporation is a US based provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and services to semiconductor companies.