The sector is expected to supply 90% of rural and mountainous households with power by 2010 and 100% by 2020. It will diversify investments and import power from Laos, Cambodia and China.

The sector will give priority to hydroelectric projects and focus on water supply, flood and drought prevention and encourage investments in small hydro projects. Total power generated from these projects is expected to reach 13,000-15,000MW by 2020 while total power generated by coal-fuelled plants is expected to reach 4400MW by 2010.

The sector will develop 220kV and 500 kV transmission systems, aimed at improving the quality of service and reduce transmission loss. It will continue to expand the domestic market, in which the State will keep its monopoly in transmission, control production and distribution. It will also ensure that the country becomes fully self-reliant to meet domestic demand.

Electricity of Vietnam Corporation (EVN) has been assigned to ensure investments and develop resources for the sector. It will strengthen investments in science and technology in a bid to reduce transmission loss to 10% by 2010 and below 10% in the following years.

EVN will also be responsible for meeting the country’s demand and trading with regional countries.