The well found hydrocarbons in a clastics reservoir sequence at approximately 4,550m measured depth and produced both black oil and gas, it flowed at sub-commercial rates.

The TGD-2X well was drilled on the flank of the structure, whereas both the TGD-1X and TGD-1XST wells were on the crest of the structure.

However, the oil leg on the flank of the structure lacked the gas content encountered on the crest, thus there was insufficient reservoir energy to generate acceptable flow rates.

Post drilling, analysis continues as the well is being prepared for abandonment and a decision as to the future of the TGD appraisal area will follow.

The first two development wells on the Te Giac Trang development offshore Vietnam have been completed.

Preliminary log analysis of the first well, the TGT-H1-1P, drilled to essentially twin one of the original discovery wells, indicates that the well found the top of the target reservoir horizon on prognosis.

The second well, the TGT-H1-2P, encountered the reservoir section approximately 10m higher in the section than the pre-drill prognosis which strongly supports the favorable structural reservoir analysis following the reprocessed pre stack depth migrated seismic that the TGT field extends to the east.

Both wells are being suspended and will become producing wells upon start-up of production in mid 2011.