Commencing on February 22, multiple pay zones were tested over a period of two weeks at depths between 7,005ft – 8,500ft. Over the testing period, various zones of La-105 flowed at rates between 11 – 56 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscf/d) of natural gas and 210 – 1,000 barrels per day of condensate.

Flowing wellhead pressures varied between 2,750psi – 4,552psi. The theoretical absolute open flow (AOF) capacity for the well is 90mmscf/d. The gas is sweet, with a high calorific value and the condensate has an API gravity of 47 degrees, the company said.

The test covered horizons of the Lower Logbaba formation, which had not been tested before, and the Upper Logbaba D sands. The Upper Logbaba A through C sands, although indicated as the best quality hydrocarbon-bearing sands encountered in the well logs, were not tested as the well indicated more than sufficient production capacity to meet initial gas demand of 8mmscf/d.

The Upper Logbaba A – C sands will be perforated and added to the completion interval when required for production.

An extension to the current Logbaba exploration permit has been granted by the Cameroon Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development until August 20, 2010. This extension will allow the company to complete the drilling and testing of well La-106 and submit the full field development program.