Wind energy firm RES Americas, a subsidiary of UK-based Renewable Energy Systems, is developing and constructing the Central Plains wind farm and has placed the order for the 33 wind turbines.

The company claims to be developing more than 1,000MW of wind power capacity in North America. The wind power plant will be owned and operated by Westar Energy, the largest electric utility in Kansas, and forms part of Westar’s wind energy program.

Jens Soby, president of Vestas Americas, said: Kansas has clearly demonstrated its commitment to wind power as a clean, reliable and local form of power generation. We have very positive expectations for the future for wind power in Kansas, and it is a great pleasure for us to partner with RES Americas and Westar Energy and in this way participate in the development of the state’s wind resources.

The order also comprises a five-year service and maintenance agreement. Delivery and commissioning of the 33 wind turbines is scheduled for the second half of 2008.