The contracts involve 50 units of the new V100-2.0 MW turbine model which is built on the 2MW platform which, with its large rotor diameter, is designed and optimised for low wind sites. The turbines will be installed in the Yanchi wind farm.

The scope of the contracts involves turbine supply and delivery, a VestasOnline Business SCADA solution and a standard two-year service agreement. The order does not include towers. Delivery of the first wind turbine is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2014.

Vestas Asia Pacific & China president Jens Tommerup said, "With high demands for performance and with the aspiration of building a strong and healthy business, Hanas’ priorities resemble those of Vestas for the Chinese market, where we are seeking to build partnerships that contribute to a healthy business for Vestas."

Recently, Hanas ordered 50MW from Vestas, which brought Hanas’ portfolio of Vestas turbines up to 250MW. With the two additional orders, Hanas’ portfolio of Vestas turbines amounts to 350MW and Vestas remains the sole supplier.