Acciona will expand its use of Versify’s V-RENEW software applications and services to manage wind farm assets in the US and Canada as part of its next-generation platform for data management, monitoring, and reporting, as well as a wide range of applications suited for wind operators.

Versify plans to standardize its asset performance capabilities through V-RENEW to maximize performance on up to 10 wind energy projects under development in the US and Canada.

Versify claims that V-RENEW provides timely and robust data, analysis, monitoring and reporting among a wide range of software applications in a single integrated software platform.

Versify’s suite of analytical applications and data management solutions also includes V-PERFORMANCE and V-TRADER.

V-PERFORMANCE is a software system for monitoring, tracking and reporting among a wide range of applications used to manage performance of fossil based generation assets.

V-TRADER is a data service that streamlines the data integration and analysis process, provides timely and pertinent market data reports, and helps identify trading opportunities.