Cisco will market and sell Verdiem’s new energy management system under the Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator brand through its worldwide sales and channel network.

Cisco’s new EnergyWise Orchestrator extends the benefits of PC energy management into a range of IT devices and end points, enabling customers to leverage the broad reach of the network to measure, manage, and reduce the energy requirements of most network-attached devices, the company said.

Cisco’s EnergyWise Orchestrator, integrated with Cisco EnergyWise technology on Cisco switches and routers, is a turnkey, power management system for IT assets.

Through its client/server architecture, Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator administers the energy requirements of power over ethernet (PoE) devices and to extend enterprise power management to desktop and laptop PCs.

This new system, co-developed by Verdiem and Cisco, will have capabilities to measure, manage and monitor energy consumed by Cisco EnergyWise enabled devices, including Cisco IP phones, wireless access points, edge switches and other power over Ethernet (POE) devices, the company said.

The company claimed that customers who have deployed Verdiem’s PC power management system have achieved energy savings of 30 to 60% and a payback on their investment within 6 to 12 months.

Jeremy Jaech, CEO of Verdiem, said: “Management and reduction of energy costs and carbon emissions have become a priority for organizations world-wide.

”Extending the capabilities of Verdiem’s enterprise platform for PC power management, Cisco and Verdiem are delivering to market the first energy management solution for PCs and networked devices; providing businesses with a trusted, holistic, solution to measure, manage and monitor both their energy consumption and carbon footprint.”