Smart grid analytics firm Verdeeco has developed multiple data applications for Florida-based electricity firm Talquin Electric Cooperative (TECI).

TECI realized the need for improved data analytics after deploying an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), which showed a 73,000% increase in data load.

The utility now employs Verdeeco’s Meter Insight, Alarm Console, Device Access, and the Customer Billing Application.

In the future, it will use Verdeeco’s products, including Voltage Monitoring, Transformer Loading, Unbilled Revenue and the Customer Portal applications.

The Alarm Console application provided TECI with real-time notifications of outages and irregularities to decide on system improvements or rolling trucks.

TECI engineering services director Jeremy Nelms said, "We quickly realized a need for better data analytics and desired a modular system that would not only gather and report data, but would also provide us with actionable intelligence to further improve customer service."