Veolia has secured contract extension to continue to manage the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's (MMSD) wastewater collection and treatment facilities.


The contract value is $500m for 10 years and prior to the extension, Veolia has been managing MMSD’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities since 2008.

Veolia claims that until now, it has cleansed billions of gallons of wastewater every year at two reclamation facilities in Jones Island and South Shore. The facilities serve 1.1 million people living in 28 communities.

The company noted that these two facilities have been operated in compliance with the Clean Water Act and claims to have received awards from National Association of Clean Water Agencies for eight years.

Veolia’s project at Milwaukee is also one of its largest in North America and it has employed over 250 people.

MMSD executive director Kevin Shafer said: "Veolia has continuously exceeded all regulatory and contract standards.

"MMSD believes extending Veolia’s contract is the best approach for our ratepayers and the environment."

The private-public partnership between MMSD and Veolia is being considered as one of the largest contracts in the nation, which allows the parties to manage public assets efficiently, maintain environmental compliance in accordance with the law and save millions of dollars in the process.

Veolia Milwaukee project vice president and general manager Scott Royer said: "MMSD is our largest project in North America and our joint accomplishments illustrate our commitment to delivering cost-effective, safe and environmentally compliant services.

"Together, we have used innovative technical programs to create value for the community and keep rates affordable for residents."

Image: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District extends water management contract with Veolia. Photo: Courtesy of Veolia.