SourceOne handled the design, engineering, permitting and technical support for construction of the 64MW Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP).

First Fire depicted how the plant will operate as a whole and marked the end of the start-up phase and the beginning of the commissioning phase, confirming that all designed safety components are in place and operating as intended.

Once the plant is operational, VMEU expects to minimize costs for supporting the transmission grid managed by the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland Independent System Operator (PJM-ISO) while allowing a cleaner generation facility.

SourceOne president Vincent Martin said the commissioning phase will test emissions output, performance and testing of overall plant as an entity – Sequence of Operations – running each piece of equipment and ensuring the correct sequence of operations occurs following that step.

"Not only will this new Simple Cycle Power Plant help meet the growing electricity needs of their customers, but it will also be a more efficient and sustainable facility for the community of Vineland, New Jersey," added Martin.

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility project manager Peter J. Kudless said at this point all systems are installed indicating we have reached an important breakthrough for the City of Vineland and this project.

At the time of first fire the number one concern is safety – the objective is to ensure all designed safety components are in place and operating as intended," added Peter.

SourceOne, as the design team manager, collaborated with a New England based engineering firm, Waldron Engineering, to develop construction drawings and specifications for the plant with AECOM Environment as the project’s environmental permitting specialist.