Located in western Indiana, the Green Valley Project is a green energy power production facility that converts methane gas from a coal mine into electricity and thermal energy.

Vega has inked an agreement with Robert Chew, a veteran of the energy industry, to redesign the Green Valley Project. One change that will be made is that the power generating capacity of the facility will be increased by 100%.

The company has also entered into a gas purchase agreement with Chattanooga based Tennessee Power to purchase the necessary methane gas to run the project. Tennessee Power owns the rights to the coal bed methane located in the 314 acre abandoned Green Valley coal mine.

The methane gas will be pumped from the mine and delivered through gas lines directly to the production facility located on the surface above the mine that was recently leased by Vega.

The methane has been tested and a demonstration project was in operation for approximately three years, proving the viability of utilizing coal bed methane from the Green Valley Mine as a sole source fuel to generate electricity from natural gas reciprocating engine generator sets.