Vector Cuatro has been entrusted by Gestamp Solar, an enterprise of the Spanish group Gestamp Renewables, with the management of those 16 MW, that are distributed throughout different plants in the regions of Puglia, Emilia Romagna and Sicily.

Due to the strong demand for the services of Vector Cuatro in Italy and with the aim of providing an improved service to new projects that may arise in the future, the Firm has opened a new office in Rome, being operational from 1st of April on.

The office is situated in the well-known Pairoli district, an area where a lot of prestigious professional services companies are based. With this new location Vector Cuatro strengthens its presence in the country and rises the number of offices in Italy to three. The other two offices, from which the Firm manages its Italian projects, are located in Milan and Torino.

Vector Cuatro also has offices in Spain, France, Bulgaria, Canada, Mexico and Japan, and offers its services in other countries such as in the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, South Africa and Central America.