Scandinavian energy provider Vattenfall has released a statement and held a press conference reassuring interested parties that its fleet of nuclear power plants is safe, despite recently calling on the UN to send an inspectorate team to test the sites.

Vattenfall’s nuclear power plants are safe. The aim of the measures that Vattenfall has now decided on and taken is to further tighten up the safety culture at the Forsmark and Ringhals plants. We must constantly strive to be at our peak, commented Hans von Uthmann, senior executive vice president of Vattenfall.

The UN nuclear facility inspecting team was requested to visit several of Vattenfall’s sites after the company experienced a number of safety issues. One reactor at the company’s Forsmark plant remains offline due to the need to replace inappropriate materials contained in the structure of the reactor core. Meanwhile, Forsmark’s other rector and Ringhals are operational after safety checks were carried out.