In 2009 and 2010, Vattenfall will purchase 170MW of wind turbines from Siemens in an order worth SEK1.6 billion. Vattenfall said that this agreement was unique for the Nordic region and serves to improve the scope for wind power in the area.

Vattenfall is researching suitable areas to establish wind farms both onshore and offshore in the Nordic region. Lillgrund, which is claimed to be Sweden’s largest and the world’s third largest offshore wind farm, has started producing electricity.

Vattenfall’s target is to expand wind power production in the Nordic region by 8TWh within a 10-year period. That is the equivalent of around 1,000 wind turbines and domestic electricity supplied to 1.6 million homes. The Swedish power generator has around 20 larger wind power projects in progress.

Anders Dahl, head of Vattenfall’s windpower division, said: The agreement means that we are freeing up the supplier bottleneck for wind power plant. This will enable us to implement our drive to increase the proportion of renewable energy by the further expansion of wind power.