In consortium with VA Tech Escher Wyss Flovel, the company won two orders from the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for renovation, modernisation and uprating work at two hydro power stations.

The work, scheduled to be complete in two years, involves uprating the Mettur dam powerhouse. The output of four 10MW Francis turbines will be increased by 25%. The dam, originally commissioned in 1946, is located on the Cauvery river, 300km southwest of Chennai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Work in the Papansam dam powerhouse will involve uprating four vertical Francis turbines from 7MW to 8MW. The dam was originally commissioned in 1951 and is located 580km from Chennai.

The scope of the work for VA Tech Escher Wyss Flovel includes new turbine runners, governors, turbine and generator rehabilitation, components, main inlet valves and auxiliaries and rehabilitation of the gates. The va-tech-hydro India work includes rewinding of stators and rotors and replacement of the existing excitation system with a static excitation system.