According to DOE, buildings account for almost 40% of America’s energy and 73% of its electricity consumption. Under the new program, designed to address this issue, Fraunhofer CSE Building Energy Efficiency Group will work with partners from across the buildings sector to investigate, develop, test, and demonstrate energy-efficient technologies.

This team, which will comprise of several research partners, industrial partners, project developers, architects and mechanical engineering firms, monitoring and evaluation partners and government partners, will work on developing technologies to meet building energy- and carbon-reduction goals over the coming decades.

Brunswick Naval Air Station, managed by Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority will be used as a CSE research site.

Kurt Roth, leader of building energy efficiency group at CSE, said: “I am delighted that the Fraunhofer-led team has been selected as a Building America Team. Fraunhofer takes a holistic approach to energy retrofits to achieve significant primary energy savings at scale.”