Three projects in the USA have been selected by the country’s Department of Energy (DOE) to receive up to $612 million in funding to demonstrate large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

Leucadia Energy, Air Products & Chemicals and Archer Daniels Midland Corporation will share the federal economic stimulus funds and will also contribute a total of $368 million to the projects. The funds will support the projects’ design, construction and operation phases.

The funding award is designed to help bring CCS closer to commercial deployment by testing the technology on an industrial scale. The three projects – located in Texas, Illinois and Louisiana states – demonstrate the capture, transport and storage of carbon dioxide.

The projects selected for funding are expected to capture 6.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year – the equivalent of removing nearly one million cars from the road. Leucadia Energy’s project in Louisiana and Air Products’ project in Texas will demonstrate the use of carbon dioxide in enhanced oil recovery.

Archer Daniels Midland’s project in Illinois will capture one million tons of carbon dioxide per year from an existing ethanol plant and sequester it in the Mount Simon sandstone, a well-characterized saline reservoir.

The Obama Administration has set a goal of developing cost-effective deployment of CCS within ten years and bringing 5-10 commercial demonstration projects online by 2016.