A presolicitation notice has been issued for dam spillway wall concrete repairs at Milk River project in Montana, US.

The work is for vertical wall and steeply sloped sections of the Fresno dam, and includes:

• Removing damaged areas of concrete on the spillway walls.

• Repairing and/or replacing the existing reinforcement, as needed.

• Placing new concrete in the areas to be repaired usin epoxy-bonded concrete and/or replacement concrete.

The estimated price range of this contract is US$25,000 to US$100,000.

CONTACT: The request for quotation package will be available on or around 7 April 2006, and quotes are tentitively due in the office of the Bureau of Reclamation, 316 North 26th Street, Billings MT 59101, US. Contact Vaschelle LaForge on Tel: +1 406 247 7812 or email vlaforge@gp.usbr.gov.

Current response date: 21 April 2006.

Solicitation number: 06SQ600080.