According to the council, the government should now focus on the development of six important components to mitigate the climate change.

The components suggested include – national preparedness for climate change; continuing efforts to decarbonize the economy and providing a level playing field for clean-energy and energy-efficiency technologies.

Sustained research on next-generation clean-energy technologies; steps to establish US leadership on climate change initiatives and a Quadrennial Energy Review were also mooted.

"We hope you and your other advisors in this domain find the ideas your PCAST has set out here to be useful. We would be pleased to expand upon any of them on which you and/or they would like more detail," the council said,

Currently, the US government’s Domestic Policy Council, Council on Environmental Quality, National Economic Council, Council of Economic Advisors, National Security Staff, and relevant Federal departments and agencies are all also working on various parts of mitigating climate change which according to PCAST must be coordinated.