‘For 20 years, local residents and people from all over eastern Pennsylvania have visited Leaser lake for rest and relaxation,’ said Governor Rendell. ‘When it was full, this 117 acre [47.3ha] lake supported canoeing and kayaking, sailing and fishing. Those were important amenities for the community; ones that added to the quality of life for local residents. When the lake had to be drained, however, many of those recreational activities disappeared. The investment we’re making today will bring back these fun things to do and add to the area’s natural surroundings.’

Governor Rendell added that the state grants would be used in conjunction with US$500,000 from Lehigh county to make repairs to Leaser Lake dam and improvements to the surrounding areas. Specific projects include major upgrades to the spillway and work to stop seepage through the dam’s earthen walls. The cost of the project is estimated at US$5.7M.

The funds were made available through a number of sources, including US$750,000 from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Community Conservation Partnerships Program, US$2.25M from the Growing Greener II initiative, and US$1.8M through the state’s capital budget.

In 1999, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission lowered the lake surface by 20 feet (6.1m) after it was discovered that previous repairs to the dam were not sufficient and the structure failed to meet the state’s current safety requirements. The drawdown of water rendered the lake’s docks and boat ramps unusable. Once the current improvements are completed, boaters will be able to return to Leaser lake.

Leaser lake was built by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in 1971 to provide access to water-oriented recreation. The lake and adjacent state and county land cover approximately 536 acres (217ha), with public areas leased and operated by Lehigh County. The lake features two separate boat ramps and free parking.

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