The project is to include repairs and replacements, governor rehabilitation and concrete structure repair work.

As the contractor for the project, VA Tech Hydro USA of Charlotte, North Carolina is to fit unit 3 with a new generator, a refurbished turbine, new auxiliaries, a turbine shutoff valve, relief valve, transformer bank and automated controls, which will allow it to be operated remotely from San Francisquito Power Plant 1.

Under the modernisation plans, the scheme’s unit 2 is to receive a new turbine shutoff valve and relief valve and, once fully operational, is to provide bypass capability if unit 3 trips or is out of service. Unit 1 is to be decommissioned.

Work on the plant, located in the San Francisquito canyon some 40km north of Los Angeles, is to begin this April with project completion scheduled for March 2006.

The contract was awarded earlier this month by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to VA Tech Hydro, which is to acquire the necessary equipment worldwide.