Uranium Resources has filed the required documents with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to reactivate its NRC License, which is currently in timely renewal status.

This filing responds to certain determinations made by the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board identified during its extensive hearing process.

Once active, the license may be utilized according to its present terms and conditions while pending renewal from the NRC.

The documents filed with the NRC provide additional information regarding reclamation cost estimates, which will add to the bases for determining the initial financial surety requirements to guarantee that sufficient resources will be available to properly reclaim the project site.

The NRC license allows for the production of up to 1 million pounds per year from Churchrock Section 8 until a successful commercial demonstration of restoration is made at that site, after which mining on other project properties can begin and the quantity of production can be increased to 3 million pounds per year.