Uranium Resources (URI) has completed the drilling at its Section 13 property in Ambrosia Lake in McKinley County, New Mexico.

Three holes, totaling more than 2,600ft, were drilled on the property, and a total of 95ft were cored and 75ft of three inch core were recovered.

Gamma ray and Prompt Fission Neutron (PFN) logging tools were used to evaluate the sub-surface environment.

The core has been quartered by URI and the core samples will be shipped to a laboratory, which will evaluate the suitability of the property for in-situ recovery mining, a process that is expected to be completed in December 2010.

URI received a permit for drilling of the property from the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division in November 2008, which allows the company to drill up to ten holes for the purpose of extracting core samples until November 2011.

URI has over 100 million pounds of in-place, mineralized uranium material in New Mexico and approximately 2.4 million pounds in the Ambrosia Lake area.