US Steel and other operators have earlier mined about 13.5 million pounds of U3O8 using in-situ recovery (ISR) methods at the deposit.

The project has an existing aquifer exemption, which includes the mining zone of interest, allows accelerating the regulatory process and additional expansion without amending the aquifer exemption.

Uranium Energy president and CEO Amir Adnani said the Longhorn project exemplifies the value of using the company’s strong historic exploration database, combined with its geological staff directly in the field in the South Texas Uranium Belt.

"The Company has gradually drawn together the Longhorn Project leases and their historic exploration data over the last 18 months at a very low cost," Adnani added.

"Now that the data is assembled and with the existing Aquifer Exemption, we look to expedite the process to include the Longhorn project into our hub and spoke strategy in South Texas."

The company already operates Burke Hollow Project and Channen Project in Goliad County.