Uranerz Energy has expanded the wellfield at header house #4 at its Nichols Ranch in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium project in Wyoming, US.

In line with development of first production area at Nichols Ranch, the company plans to add a fifth header house with associated wells.

The header house #4 area was added with 19 injection and recovery wells, which have commenced operations recently.

The ISR method involves dissolving the uranium underground through injection and recovery wells that circulate groundwater fortified with oxygen, sodium bicarbonate and carbon dioxide. The groundwater with uranium is then pumped to the surface to process uranium into uranium oxide.

Using pipelines, each well is connected to a header house which is connected to the processing facility by means of trunk lines.

Each header house is connected to around 90 wells, including injection and recovery wells.

In 2014, Nichols Ranch completed four header houses and associated injection and recovery wells in operation.

Work on the fifth header house is expected to begin soon with plans to bring 90 production wells online in the second quarter of 2015. Wellfield delineation drilling in this area has been completed and well installation has commenced.

The company plans to add a sixth header house with associated production wells during the second half of 2015.