Under the new solution, business owners and installers can take advantage of direct project financing to install solar energy.

Upsolar offers high-quality, high-performance smart module systems to customers, while Tigo and Kaco will provide technical design and consultation services to ease the installation process.

The Upsolar’s modules feature 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty with six tiers, besides providing module-level monitoring and increased safety, the company claims.

Upsolar’s financial services allow the company-accredited installers to economize resources by focusing on financeable projects by assisting commercial and residential customers, and the installers will receive support with paperwork, sales and marketing, as well as system co-branding opportunities, according to the company.

Tigo Energy EMEA general manager Christian Carraro said the company has been focusing on new approaches to make PV systems more efficient, profitable and intelligent, while simplifying the work of engineers and installers.

"Together with Upsolar and Kaco, we’re pleased to be able to offer a solution that reflects our company mission to bring solar closer to grid parity," Carraro added.