Upsolar's European subsidiary, Upsolar System Italia has introduced its new floating PV modules and PV services in Europe.

Upsolar will use a structure exclusively created by Koine, a design company that specializes in floating platforms. 

The entire solar range is made up of Upsolar modules that are mounted on top of a galvanized steel assembly that sits on high density polyethylene floating elements and is anchored to its site by nylon cables.

The system has the same distinctive advantages over ground-based solar plants where the surrounding water body acts as a cooling system that reduces the operating temperature of the panel, increasing the efficiency of the module by an average of 15% as well as its life.

The cost of maintenance is also lower because of lower land-based factors such as vegetation growth that could cover and reduce module performance.    

"As the market for floating solar PV technology gains momentum, we believe it is the right time to begin introducing our technology and services in Europe," said Enrico Carniato , Upsolar Group Deputy General Manager, "Greater Panel Efficiency and Minorities In addition to the economic advantages, we can see the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Columbia and other regions where solar installations could be hampered By restrictions or regulations of land benefiting enormously from floating solar technology. "