As a result of this installation 84,500 electric and 33,400 water customers will gain access to advanced metering technologies that generate a two-way communication network.

OpenWay smart grid technology, Water SaveSource advanced metering infrastructure equipment and MLOG leak-detecting sensors, all from Itron, will be put to use by UPA to continuously monitor GWP’s entire water system.

When completed, the system will allow GWP customers insight and incentives to participate in energy management and conservation, UPA claimed. The contract will commence in March of 2010 and is expected to take approximately fourteen months to reach completion.

Glenn Steiger, general manager of Glendale Water and Power, said: ”We sought a partner with the track record and infrastructure to successfully deploy an installation of this magnitude.With more than 6 million meters installed, UPA demonstrated the expertise necessary to successfully make the transition for our customers.”