UniStar Nuclear Energy (UNE) submitted a letter recently to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) formally selecting Nine Mile Point as the site for a potential US evolutionary power reactor (US EPR). UniStar noted that it has yet to make a final decision to build a new reactor at Nine Mile Point.

In addition to advanced design reactors in New York and Maryland, UniStar is also working with electricity utilities PPL and AmerenUE, as well as emerging energy companies such as AEHI and Amarillo Power, to develop potential US EPRs in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Idaho and Texas.

Michael Wallace, chairman of UniStar and executive vice president of Constellation Energy, said: This notification to the NRC is an important step in UniStar’s plans to develop Nine Mile Point as a potential site for one of four advanced design reactors in the US.

Mr Wallace also noted that New York officials have been supportive of the proposed 1,600MW reactor, a carbon-free generation project that would help address a projected shortage of electricity in New York.