UniStar Nuclear Energy, a strategic joint venture between Constellation Energy and EDF, has appointed three senior executives. The appointments include George Vanderheyden as president and chief executive officer, Kathleen Hyle as chief financial officer and Steven Miller as secretary of the company.

In his new role, Mr Vanderheyden, who also serves as a senior vice president for Constellation Energy’s nuclear subsidiary, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, will be responsible for overseeing the potential development and deployment of Evolutionary Power Reactors (EPR) in the US and Canada.

Michael Wallace, chairman of UniStar Nuclear Energy and executive vice president of Constellation Energy, said: These seasoned energy executives have the skills to lead this dynamic and innovative organization and solidify UniStar’s role at the forefront of our nation’s nuclear renaissance.

The UniStar Nuclear Energy joint venture brings together EDF’s unmatched global leadership in the nuclear arena with Constellation Energy’s extensive nuclear ownership and operating experience in the US. The considerable resources united under this joint venture provide greater certainty and momentum to our efforts to build the first fleet of new nuclear plants in North America in three decades.