UK price comparison and switching website has revealed that UK students who are about to start university could save as much as GBP200 a year on their electricity and gas bills by choosing the right utility to supply their energy.

<p>The website also revealed that students could save even more by paying utility bills by direct debit, while also avoiding late payment charges that can result from forgetting to pay a bill.<br /><br /> offered the estimated 500,000 undergraduates heading off to start their university lives a number of energy saving tips that could help to reduce their energy bills, including investing in energy saving light bulbs, ensuring that televisions, computers and CD players are not left on standby, and that mobile phone chargers are switched off when not in use.<br /><br /> also advised those moving into student houses to find out about the existing energy supplier, and make sure that it offers the best deal on the market. In addition, the website advised students to tell their supplier that they have just moved into their house, so that they do not end up having to pay for previous tenants&#0039; energy supplies.<br /><br />Ann Robinson, consumer policy director at, said: Getting to grips with energy could help students reduce their consumption, cut carbon emissions and enjoy lower bills as well…They could save over GBP200 just by making sure that they are on the right energy deal.</p>