The company said that the NewGen plant incorporates a design with a small footprint and requires no power whatsoever. At its core is bio-media and Eko Gea’s proprietary bio-active marine algae additive which stabilizes and promotes the anaerobic microbiology needed to complete the wastewater treatment process.

The design is being manufactured by APlast Rotomoulding to meet all of the required EN Standards for underground water and sewage handling.

The company claimed that the NewGen plant is run at a fraction of the cost of conventional wastewater systems, and in remote areas where there are no mains sewerage services, even in cold climates.

There are no sanitation issues as the natural biology completes the disinfection process while eliminating odours in Eko Gea’s ion-exchange capacity. Ion exchange plus the enhanced biology means the plant can handle toxins and heavy metals from leachate and industrial effluents in a low-cost offering, the company added.

Goran Dordic, chief scientist of Eko Gea, said: ”This NewGen plant is a breakthrough in low-cost, responsible wastewater treatment. It can be used in both residential and industrial applications – large and small – and is truly unique for a number of reasons: our biology feeds, protects, and shelters microbes for the most efficient treatment system available on the market.

”The surface area provided by the media means an exponential increase in the number of microbial ‘workers’ needed to complete treatment, and the 87% methane gas being generated by our NewGen plant means the potential is there to harness energy as well.”