The deals, which include help for UK low carbon products and services, are expected to promote the expertise of UK companies and help China meet its environmental targets.

Peter Mandelson, British business secretary, said to The Engineer Online, “Across the board, the UK can offer the knowledge, technology and experience to help our two economies de-carbonise.

“The UK has world-class climate-change research institutions and consultancy services in carbon measurement and management. Our architects and engineers are creating designs for the low-carbon cities of the future.”

One of the deals that has arisen from the collaboration is a £10m joint venture to be inked between Britain’s Carbon Trust, a government-backed body that gives advice on the move to a low-carbon economy, and the China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation (CECIC) for the creation of a ‘Foreign Invested Venture Capital Enterprise’ introducing low-carbon technology companies from UK to China.

According to the British government, UK companies such as Pilkington, Greens Power, Zed Factory and the Carbon Trust are working with low-carbon technology. The new deals demonstrate the strength of economic ties between the UK and China and show their shared effort for developing a low-carbon economy.