The Clean Energy Ministerial will be co-chaired by UK Energy Secretary Edward Davey and US Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

The UK and US will agree to collaborate in the development of floating wind technology designed to generate power in deep waters currently off limits to conventional turbines but where the wind is much stronger.

UK energy secretary Edward Davey said Britain has more wind turbines installed around its shores and its market is rated year after year as the most attractive market among investors.

"The UK and US are both making funding available for this technology and we’re determined to work together to capitalise on this shared intent,"Davey said.

A number of bilateral agreements will be signed between the UK and counterparts from other governments to work in collaboration over the coming years.

The US Department of Energy has recently announced a $180m funding opportunity for about four advanced technology demonstration projects in US waters.

A new memorandum of understanding on collaboration in energy related fields’ being agreed between the UK and US covers collaboration in areas such as power generation, energy transmission and distribution and energy efficiency.