The government of UK is in preparations to submit a final list of sites suitable for new nuclear power plants to the parliament.

This preparation is in line with the country’s strategy to help the country meet climate change obligations by making way for a new nuclear fleet, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The companies including EDF Energy, the UK subsidiary of Electricite de France will come forward with their formal planning applications following the approval of the list of nuclear sites.

The government anticipates that the revival of nuclear will plug a looming power shortfall, as coal plants and aging nuclear reactors are retired, as well as shoring up energy security and reducing carbon emissions from power generation.

French utility EDF along-with with Centrica is leading the UK’s revival of nuclear power.

The French utility and other European utilities, including E.ON, RWE, Iberdola and Scottish and Southern Energy have planned to construct 16GW of new nuclear capacity over the next 15 years.

EDF Energy plans to build two new power plants at Hinkley Point with Centrica, subject to consent and the right investment framework.

The news agency reported that eight sites were selected as being potentially suitable for the construction of new nuclear power stations by 2025 during the consultation phase.

The sites are Bradwell, Hartlepool, Heysham, Hinkley Point, Oldbury, Sizewell, Sellafield, and Wylfa.