The bio-energy sources in UK has accounted for 15.2TWh in overall power production during the year 2012, says the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC).

It demonstrates an increase of 17%, compared to 13TWh recorded in the previous year, reported

Bio-energy sources include landfill gas, sewage gas, municipal solid waste, plant biomass, animal biomass and cofiring, according to

Also, plant biomass has contributed 4.2TWh to power produced in 2012, a growth of more than two-fold increase compared to 1.7TWh in 2011.

The increase in production of biomass is reportedly driven by the opening of the Tilbury power plant by the 2011.

Commenting on the result, Renewable Energy Association chief executive Gaynor Nartnell stated: "The conversion of Tilbury…shows what a big difference biomass can make, especially at a time when the Government is desperate to bring forward affordable, baseload, low carbon generation."

In addition, the report also revealed that 37% of the power generated through renewable sources was due to bio-energy.