The UK’s Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, a private members bill supporting the uptake of microgeneration has become law having passed through the upper chamber and receiving Royal assent.

The Bill, promoted by MP Mark Lazarowicz, supports domestic uptake of microgeneration with specific requires targets to be set, governmental accountability through annual reporting on carbon dioxide emissions, smart metering, and a review of planning rules.

Lazarowicz said: “Microgeneration can make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy needs. It is now up to industry, local authorities and central government to respond to the public demand.”

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks said: “The Act will make it easier for excess energy to be sold back to the utilities by encouraging energy companies to establish schemes that reward smaller scale generators for their exported power. This is a key plank of the DTI’s recently published microgeneration strategy and is now legally underpinned by the bill’s passage through the house.”

The Bill can be seen at:

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