UK renewable energy groups stated that bio-fuel production was not the core cause of global hunger and urged Prime Minister David Cameron to talk about other factors behind it during the G8 meetings.

The industry groups including Renewable Energy Association (REA), National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) noted that the bio-fuel industry has led to the greater productivity and sustainability in the agriculture industry.

European Commission Industry spokesperson Clare Wenner remarked that bio-ethanol production accounted for just 3% of total cereal use in 2010-2011, and total 2% of global arable land is employed to grow crops for bio-fuels and the vast majority of EU bio-fuels feedstocks in Europe.

"Without this demand and with no real export potential, EU farmers would simply cut their production and the corresponding volumes of animal feed materials would need to be imported from overseas," added Wenner.

The groups further advised the government to focus on well documented problems such as the inadequacies of infrastructure, lack of education and knowledge on agricultural practices, trade disruptions due to closed borders, as well as the lack of income to buy food.

With over £1bn investment in the sector, UK bio-fuels has created jobs and improved economy of under-developed regions in the country.