Negotiations between the UK and US governments have resolved contract issues between BNFL Inc and the US Department of Energy concerning two fixed price decontamination contracts. The negotiations provide for the settlement of a number of Requests for Equitable Adjustment and additional potential claims between the DoE and BNFL at both projects. The contracts covered the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) project at Oak Ridge and the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant (AMWTP) at Idaho and will see the completion of the ETTP contract, a payment to BNFL of around $500 million, and the transfer of the AWMTP facility to the DoE. In 1997 BNFL signed a contract with the DoE to treat, package, and ship off site 65 000 cubic metres of transuranic waste from the Idaho site. Construction of the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant was completed in late December 2002, BNFL began operations at the facility in March 2003 and the project is scheduled to be complete by 2012.

BNFL will complete physical work at ETTP this month following a 1996 fixed priced contract to perform the decommissioning and decontamination of three gaseous diffusion plants at the DoE’s Oak Ridge site in Tennessee, the largest decommissioning and decontamination project in the world.