The Brighten iThermostat is a web-enabled programmable thermostat that allows consumers to remotely monitor, control and personally manage their home temperature by changing thermostat settings over the internet, thereby reducing energy use and controlling heating and cooling costs.

The installation of the Brighten iThermostat is expected to help the residential customers save up to $360 or more over two years by using the pre-programmed settings on the device, which are designed to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort.

The Brighten iThermostat, which comes with a mobile website compatible with the new models of Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry Tour and Android smart phones, is part of TXU Energy’s plan to install 100,000 smart energy efficiency devices throughout Texas by 2012.

TXU Energy has priced Brighten iThermostat kit at more than $450 and will offer the product to its residential customers for $5.99 per month under the Brighten Conservation Program, which will provide a visual HVAV inspection and installation by an authorized technician at no extra charge.

TXU Energy CEO, Jim Burke said that the company’s focus is on helping customers control their energy use so they can save money on electricity and the Brighten iThermostat will help customers accomplish that and help the environment at the same time.