Qualifying hydroelectric, solar, wind and biomass projects of up to 200kW will be eligible for the Generation Partners incentives, which include a $1,000 payment to offset startup costs.

In addition, TVA will buy 100% of the green power that participants produce, paying the retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustment, plus a premium per kWh, depending on the type of renewable energy produced.

John Trawick, senior vice president of commercial operations and pricing at TVA, said: “TVA launched Generation Partners as a pilot project, with periodic adjustments expected along the way, to encourage customer interest in small to medium-sized renewable energy projects, such as rooftop solar panels.

“The response has exceeded all expectations, prompting us to expand and enhance the program to include additional projects and help support public interest in renewable energy.”

Mr Trawick added that of the 264 projects approved or completed through Generation Partners to date, 260 are 200kW or under.